Tuscan Villas Near Pistoia

Renting Tuscan villas near Pistoia is becoming more and more popular due to the large number of accommodations in that area and the beauty of the territory. This portion of the region is still largely undiscovered by many, therefore outside the main touristic routes. Here you are likely to find the perfect holiday dimension without battling with overcrowded places, jammed museum entrances, and pricey restaurants. In addition it will be easier for you to find a stay even if you book at a late stage. It is indeed recommended that you start looking for and book your villa at least in January of the year you are going to Tuscany. However, with accommodations near Pistoia, this should not be an issue, and you can book a property even in May of the same year.

Plus, the province is a land between hills and mountains. Here you are at the border with Emilia Romagna, with the marvelous Appenines mountains dividing Tuscany from its northbound neighbor. The mount Abetone and Cimone are the most popular ski resorts of the region, and you can find them right here. Whether in summer or winter, these mountains give you plenty of opportunities to explore, practice sports (winter skiing is very popular here), and discover Tuscan villas located in fabulous mountain locations that have nothing to envy to the more famous Chianti or Valdorcia.

Where is exactly Pistoia? It sits North-West of Florence, and its name used to be Pistorium in the Latin language, which refers to a specific oven for making bread. The strongest development of the town in history happened between 1100 and 1200 and used to reign over a large territory, even larger than the current province of Pistoia. Nonetheless, the power of Florence subjugated even Pistoia, which fell under the dominion of the Medici at the beginning of the Fifteenth century, never to regain independence. However, under the dominion of Florence the city flourished economically.

As mention before, the natural environment of the territory around Pistoia is very green and rich of mountainous lands. The Apennines surround it on the north side Mountainside landscapes alternate with valleys and rivers in a land rich of historic villages and towns and art cities. Staying in Tuscan villas amidst all this will therefore give the best of the natural and the cultural sides, without neglecting the most classical aspects bound to the culinary and wine making traditions. Did you know that Monsummano Terme and Montecatini are right near Pistoia? They are extremely famous for their great charm, lifestyle, and thermal spas. Moreover, if you are a flower lover in Pescia you will find one of the most important flower markets in Europe, where once a year an important expo takes place. Finally the city of Pistoia is perfect for those in search of splendid Romanesque style churches.

Do not forget the small town of Fabbrica, recently brought back to its splendor thanks to a loving renovation process. The heart of town revolves around a delicious small Romanesque church, with all other houses closely built around it, as if searching for its protection.

Keep in mind Pistoia next time you will be looking for Tuscan villas for your self catering holidays in Italy. You will be in for many splendid surprises and of course a holiday to remember.