Our Ethical Principals

PassportDaily.com Principles of Ethical Conduct

PassportDaily.com’s Principles of Ethical Conduct are designed to guide our writers, authors, and contributor to commit to the following:

  • Researching and reporting the news in a truthful way
  • We will be honest in the way we research and report news to our readers.
  • We will seek to understand all parties involved in our news articles.
  • We hold factual information in opinion pieces to the same standards as news articles.
  • We will treat unofficial sources with skepticism until the information can be verified.
  • Serving the interest of the public
  • We will always uphold the First Amendment of the Constitution to service the democratic process.
  • We will seek solutions and solve existing problems in order to help improve the common good and people we serve.
  • We will provide a place for people to express their opinions and comments on our articles.
  • We will provide an insight into people or places that you may not be familiar with.
  • Fair treatment clause
  • We will always treat news topics and people with compassion and respect.
  • We will always try to include both sides of any story that is published on our website.
  • We will correct errors promptly when found by an editorial member or reader of our site.
  • We will only publish stories that are true to the best of our research and knowledge.