Traveling to Colombia: What You Need to Know to Get In and Out of the Country

Traveling to Colombia

Nothing could be more embarrassing than showing up for your long-planned trip to Colombia, only to be denied entry at the last minute. Yet, if you do not research the visa and other entry requirements, you could find yourself in just such a situation. In the blink of an eye, your travel plans would be ruined, and you would be on another plane — this one an expensive trip back home.

All of that is easily avoided with a little homework, and there is no reason to put your amazing travel plans at risk. Once you have the required travel documents, you will be able to visit the bustling cities of Bogota, Medellin, and Cartagena, the amazing rainforest, and the lovely small towns that make Colombia such a special place to be. Here are some key things you need to know about traveling to Colombia.

Visa Information

Citizens traveling from certain parts of the world will require a valid tourist visa to visit Colombia, and if that requirement applies to you, it’s important to get that documentation in place well before your trip. You can check with your travel agent or local embassy to see if you need a valid tourist visa to visit Colombia.

It’s also important to remember that people visit Colombia for all kinds of reasons. While many head to this South American hotspot for fun and to see the sights, others may travel for business and other reasons.

If you are not traveling to Colombia as a tourist, you will need to check the relevant visa requirements. The country of Colombia issues a number of different types of visas, including student visas and visas for those engaged in certain types of commerce. Each of these visas comes with its own set of requirements, rules, and regulations, and it’s essential to do your homework and complete the applicable forms.

In addition to any visa requirements, you will also be required to have a valid passport, so check the expiration date on this vital document long before your planned departure date. If your passport is about to expire, be sure to get it renewed — you do not want to arrive in Colombia and face unexpected surprises.


Upon entry to Colombia, you will be asked to present your documentation, including any required visa and your valid passport. The immigration control personnel will check those documents, and they may ask questions about where you are traveling and the purpose of your trip.

You will want to keep your passport and any required visas with you at all times while in Colombia. It is also a good idea to make copies of these documents, carry a copy with you, pack an extra copy in your luggage, and even leave a copy with a trusted friend back home. You will also want to record phone numbers you can use in case of emergency, including those for your embassy or consulate.

Travel documents are vitally important for vacationers, international students, and anyone else planning to visit Colombia. Knowing what to expect and what you need ahead of time will make your life easier — and your trip a lot more fun.