Top 10 Best Ski Resorts In The World

Some think that laying out on the beaches of the world is the way to go when vacationing. But others go a different route. When it comes to relaxation, some like to be surrounded in the cold air, with mountains around, and a fire blazing in the fireplace.

But that isn’t the end of it. Once they are done relaxing inside, they want to go outside and play in the snow. Many that enjoy being outside in the snow love to ski. And what better place to do so than at a ski resort.

We have compiled this list of the Top 10 best ski resorts in the world, as well as the reasons why they are the top 10 best ski resorts. Here they are and why:


10.) Aspen, Colorado

There are many that like to go here to ski because those that are famous (and famous always is followed by wealthy) ski here. Aspen has four mountains, and a lot of steeps. This makes for some ideal conditions to ski, no matter what level skier you are.

There are a lot of experts that like to go to the mountains that this resort lies on. The is because you are able to access a lot of acerage on the backside of the mountain terrain. But keep in mind, it is expensive here.


9.) Cortina, Italy

This ski resort will match up with any other one that is in the Alps. The city of Cortina was the host of the 1956 Olympics. There is no traffic in the streets here. The snow makes it one of the greatest places on earth to ski.

It was one of the first cities to have a ski resort, and it is considered one of the most stylish places that you can go in Italy. Again, make sure you grab your pocketbook. It is quite expensive.


8.) Mont-Tremblant, Quebec

This resort has been around since 1939, and is Eastern Canada’s most well known ski resort. It was the first ski resort that ever opened in Canada, and also is the second to have ever opened in North America.

Many people love to go here to ski because once they are done, they can pack up the skis and drive an hour away to the popular city of Montreal, Canada.


7.) Stowe, Vermont

This resort is looked at as one of the most picturesque and renowned resorts that you can ski at. It gives a sort of “New England like charm” and has a drop that is considered the biggest the area has.

There are two areas here that you can ski – Spruce Peak, and also Mount Mansfield. Spruce Peak puts its back to the terrain of Sumgglers’ Notch. Because of this, Stowe has a lift link that connects it to another resort.

There are more than sixty restaurants and ninety shops at the resort, and this makes the visitors stay close to the resort while they are visiting there.


6.) France’s Chamonix Mont Blanc

This was where the first Winter Olympics took place back in 1924. It has always been ranked as one of the most famous ski resorts of the world. It is on the foot of the famous mountain “Mont-Blanc,” and this mountain has one of the highest peaks of the Alp mountains.

The elevation there is 15,771 feet, and so the snow that comes down from there is great. There is a famous 9209 foot run for skiers. This is a total of 13.7 miles of straight skiing. A skier’s paradise.


5.) Banff Lake Louise, Alberta

Another resort in Canada, it has made several top 10 best ski resorts lists. It is one of the top scenic resorts in the mountains of North America.

There are three different areas that you can ski. Lake Louise, Sunshine Village, And Mount Norquay. These mountains are about 31 miles apart.

Norquay has been labelled by the Insider’s Guide, which is a magazine that selects Canada’s best skiing spots, as a brute legendary that is unforgiving because of its monter verticals and moguls. It is considered a “must stay.”


4.) Vail, Colorado

This is America’s favorite resort according to the Legendary Vail market. It is ranked as one of the top five resorts around the world. It is the largest ski resort in the US and has about 5300 acres of terrain to ski on.

One thing that makes this the skiers paradise is because it has some of the fastest detachable high speed quads that you can find on a single mountain. There are art galleries, ballooning, ice skating, museums, hockey, as well as more.


3.) Zermatt, Switzerland

This resort is well known for its five star hotels that are located around it. Zermatt is one of the top resorts in Switzerland. It has a car free area, and is very picturesque. It has the second largest vertical drop on earth for a lift served resort. Very popular.


2.) Kitzbuhel, Austria

The 1964 and 1976 Winter Olympics were held here in Kitzbuhel, and is called the “Pearl Of All Of The Alps.” It is one of the most famous resorts in the world. At the heart of a village that is over 700 years old, it had skiers coming here as early as 1892.


1.) Whistler Backcomb, British Columbia

The mountains here are huge, and many come here because it is some of the best skiing in the world. It has one of the largest vertical drops in the United States. There is a village here that offer the visitor cafes, more than 100 restaurants, and many international stores.

Whistler has been voted by many as the best ski resort in North America, and has stayed that way for years.

So when it comes to the top 10 best ski resorts in the world, this list has them. Check them out, and when you are ready to go skiing, make sure that you make your way to one of them.