Four Alternative Valentine’s Day Destinations For 2021

Valentine’s Day is the number one day for lovers and is the perfect time for a lovely romantic getaway! However, why go to the usual places for your holiday when you can surprise your loved one with a thoughtful and unique alternative? Here is a list we’ve gathered of four unexpectedly romantic getaway locales for 2021.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas may not be the first destination that pops into mind when one considers romance, but it has been known to be adult-friendly as well as steamy. Popular for quickie weddings and sultry shows, Las Vegas also has a lot to offer any couple, including four-star restaurants, luxurious spas, top of the line couture shopping and world-class entertainment in the form of gambling, shows and more. Romantic packages are available at most major resort casinos and can include anything from show tickets, admission to attractions, or a dinner at a four-star restaurant. Lovers can ride a roller coaster, take a canal ride, visit the dolphins, go to a circus, and all in a day!

Tokyo, Japan

Any lover looking for culture, beauty and history should consider Tokyo for their romantic getaway. With its myriad of beautiful sights, boutique hotels, gourmet dining, and trendy shopping, Tokyo is a great vacation destination for the romantically minded. Lovers can set sail on a night time cruise to admire the city lights, visit the Toyko gardens and have a quiet afternoon tea ceremony, or go to Odaiba seaside park, and walk the Romantic Rainbow Bridge or ride a giant Ferris wheel that overlooks the city. The city also plays host to Tokyo Disney and Disney Sea for those lovers who enjoy amusement parks.

The Florida Keys

Florida itself might be a given for the adventure minded, with Orlando playing host to several different amusement parks, but the islands off of the coast of Southern Florida play host to a different kind of resort. The Florida Keys are dotted with private islands and beautiful romantic resorts that would warm the heart and tan the skin of any lover looking for a relaxing getaway. Many of the properties on these islands offer luxurious beachfront cottages and sparsely populated beaches that allow a couple privacy for their romantic interludes. The most well-known of the resorts, Little Palm Island, does not allow cellular phones, so it’s the perfect place for a working couple to relax, unplug, and fall in love all over again!


With its seaside cliffs, rolling green hills, and its magical lochs, it’s a wonder why Scotland doesn’t naturally top any list of romantic destinations. Steeped in wonder and mystery, the highlands of Scotland are rife with adventure for any daring romantic couple, including a serene horseback ride on Loch Ness, visits to various castles, and hiking along the beautiful green cliffs overlooking the ocean. Couples who enjoy luxury and history can get a taste of 1930s rail travel by booking a tour on the Royal Scotsman train. Lovers can also visit Gretna Green on the English border, a village linked to a romantic history of elopement and was the site of the weddings of thousands of runaway lovers in the 1700s and is still a popular wedding destination today.

This Valentine’s Day, do something spectacular and unique with your lover, and take their breath away!