A Winter Visit To New Orleans

New Orleans is one of those great winter destinations in the United States. Why? The high heat and oppressive humidity dissipate by late October leaving this pseudo European destination with wonderfully moderate temperatures throughout most of the winter months. For a place with incredible architecture and beautiful parks, this means wintertime is the right time for your visit. If you’re planning a holiday vacation, here are the sites to enjoy in the Crescent City.

Walk through the French Quarter

The French Quarter is a prime destination for tourists visiting New Orleans. Jackson Square and the architecture of the Quarter are beautiful sites. Spend time strolling the streets and check out the quieter areas away. Royal St. has wonderful antique and art galleries and there are hidden gems of boutiques tucked away from the neon lights of Bourbon St.

Ride the Audubon Riverboat

The Aquarium of the Americas and the Audubon Zoo are two favorite in New Orleans. Both are renowned as being some of the best sites in their field. To enhance your experience, take the John James Audubon Riverboat between the two. The Mississippi River is such an iconic emblem of New Orleans, plus riverboats are a great relic of times gone by. Everyone will be sure to enjoy the ride down the Big Muddy.

Ride the Streetcar

In the summer, a sweaty ride without air conditioning and with constant stops sounds utterly unappealing. But when the temperatures drop, this is just the thing to do. The streetcar let’s you enjoy the incredible houses of St. Charles Ave. at an easy, slow pace.

Christmas in the Oaks

City Park is, perhaps, the lesser known of New Orleans’ major parks, but it is overflowing with a wealth of things to do. Tennis courts, an amusement park, and a dog park are just a few of the various activities that could attract you here. From the Friday after Thanksgiving until the first of the new year, City Park is transformed into a wonderland of lights. If you visit during this time of the year, be sure to go enjoy Christmas in the Oaks.

Check out a museum

If the wind coming off the Mississippi gets a bit too nippy for you, duck inside to a museum. Two excellent choices are the Louisiana Children’s Museum and the New Orleans Museum of Art. The children’s museum is located downtown and if you have young family members, this is truly the place to be. Most of the exhibits are learning exercises that are fun and active for both parents and adults. Enact a TV show, pull a bubble over your head, or pitch a baseball – you’ll have an entertaining afternoon. NOMA is located in City Park, and its incredible sculpture garden is another thing to explore at the park. Inside the museum, you’ll be able to see works by Picasso, Degas and more.