5 Fun Things To Do In Miami With Your Kids

Miami is best known as the city of sun, beach and all night parties, a dream destination for any young traveler. But don’t worry if you are visiting Miami with the whole family, as you’ll be surprised how many fun things you can do in this beautiful city with your kids.

Miami offers plenty of kid-friendly and educational activities that will keep your children busy and entertained during your stay. Check websites listing hotels in Miami like this one to find the best accommodation option for your family, and take a look at this quick guide to discover the family friendly side of Miami.

1.) Miami Metro Zoo

The Miami Metro Zoo is one of the best zoos in Florida. This zoo houses more than 700 wild animals from all over the world. There are no cages, only moats to separate groups of animals from the same geographic territories, that are actually recreated at the park.

Visitors can walk around the zoo seeing rare Bengal tigers, feed Samburu giraffes or take the Monorail to visit the park and learn about the different animals.

2.) Miami Children’s Museum

The Miami Children’s Museum, also known as MichiMu, is a non-profit educational institution on Watson Island. The museum features permanent and travelling exhibits, as well as programs and classes in English and Spanish to help kids explore their imagination by learning arts, culture, and more about their community.

The permanent exhibits include Pet Central, Meet Miami, Television Studio and Castle of Dreams, as well as 14 galleries, a parent and teacher resource center and an auditorium.

3.) Parrot Jungle Island

Parrot Jungle Island is an interactive zoological park in Watson Island, where visitors can get the opportunity to learn about tropical birds and their natural habitats, which are recreated on the site.

The zoo houses ligers, llamas, tigers, kangaroos, different species of reptiles, orangutans, monkeys, and condors, as well as a variety of fish and plants. You can also take part in shows hosted in the park every day, such as the Winged Wonders with some of the most beautiful and playful birds of the world, or the Dr. Wasabi’s Wild Adventures that will take the audience on a wild safari ride through the animal kingdom.

4.) Miami Museum of Science

While visiting the Museum of Science in Miami, you and your kids can learn about history, ecology and science through an interactive and educational experience. The museum hosts a planetarium that features daily shows, and an observatory that operates daily from 8pm to 10pm.

In the museum you will also find a wildlife center that houses snakes, turtles, and other reptiles as well as birds of prey. Do not miss the current exhibits that teaches kids about hurricanes, climate change, underwater secrets, and other exciting things.

5.) Miami Seaquarium

Who doesn’t know and love Flipper, the dolphin? The Miami Seaquarium is the right place to bring your kids to see fun-loving dolphins and other marine species, such as killer whales, sea turtles, manatees, and other marine reptiles and fish.

The oceanarium is located in Biscayne Bay, in downtown Miami, and it also hosts shows with trained dolphins and famous killer whale, Lolita. Your kids will definitely love it!